Monday, May 23, 2005

Iceberg Dead Ahead

It looks like B-15A is quickly making it's way out to sea. After breaking off pieces of the Drygalski Ice Tongue, it's headed north, and away from Ross Island. What this means is that it's allowing warm ocean currents to reach McMurdo Sound. Nothing confirmed, but talk in town says a really big wind could open up the sound and even jeopardize the ability to have a Ice Runway location for the 2005-2006 season. Also, open water is only 10 miles from McMurdo. That could be the reason the penguin was in town last week.


Phil jacobsen said...

thanks for the update. It's seems like when I was down there I knew more about the ice tongue then I did about my own mouth. If McMurdo sound opens up, then I just might have to come down and see that--Oh, that and being offered the lead DA position.

Tom said...

The lead DA position??? That sounds like a big step up in the pecking order.