Tuesday, June 28, 2005


This picture is part of a slide presentation I put together
for an upcoming town meeting. The residents of town
are able to put their recyclables into small bins near their
rooms for convenience. The janitors then pick up this
trash daily and take it out to large dumpsters so that the
waste department can then process it and turn it into the
waste that McMurdo sends off the ice each year.
Trouble is...sometimes the process breaks down.
This photo shows that some people are lazy butts
and can't take their dishes of food to the galley area
to dump it even though it was only 96 steps away from
the bin area where this photo was taken. What's worse,
each of these bowls is full of food. The small bucket in
the picture's only purpose is to hold discarded food.
So...the person that dropped these bowls off was even
too lazy to empty their bowls into a bucket six inches
away. Maybe I'm ranting, but people that do this get
on my nerves!

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Anonymous said...

Your tax dollars at "work"....jeez, when will they just smarten up and shut the program down...what a waste....I am forwarding this to my congressman, who, altho an idiot, at least may start to appreciate the lunacy of the entire polar program...