Thursday, July 07, 2005

Homeland Security

I watched last night the poor people in London that continue
to have to live with the threat of terrorism. When taking
precautions against terrorism, Antarctica is probably the
safest place in the world. I mean really, think about it...
We don't have any tall buildings, we have no subways
(unless you count the ones the aliens built a few years ago
(wink wink Art Bell)) and it's hard to picture al-Qaeda
members huddling in the cold or wearing Bunny Boots.
But...most people that read this blog live in areas that are
more susceptible to terrorism. I found this link the other
day that has an effective, yet whimsical way of showing
what level our national security is in at any given time.
From now on, I will be able to show our nation's security
level on my blog without scaring anyone unnecessarily.
Granted, one doesn't usually think of Bert and Ernie when
we're told by the media that we are now at Level Yellow
or Level Orange, but wouldn't you rather find out about
the upcoming apocalypse by seeing Elmo on my blog
than listening to some talking head on CNN?


Anonymous said...

Hello! Czar < >

Meredith said...

I just have to say that your posts about homeland security levels and your way of putting it is hilarious. Id love to have those graphics for my blog. Where did you obtain them?

Tom said...

The graphics for the security levels come from:

Thanks for reading.