Saturday, July 16, 2005


Antarctica is "the highest, driest, coldest, windiest
and emptiest place on earth". This time of the year
driest definitely comes to mind. The cold cold weather
that we endure saps all of the humidity out of the air.
The average person at McMurdo should drink 4-6
liters of water a day. Unfortunately most people don't.
I know I don't drink enough. It's not like we don't have
ample amounts of water here. We use a system called
reverse osmosis that turns salt water into fresh water.
The days of the two minute shower are over and there
is plenty of water for all. This leads me to think about
why places like California don't have large reverse
osmosis plants on the coast to take care of their water
needs. It's worked in the Middle East. Why not in CA?
Sure, money might be an issue, but is it any cheaper to
drain the Colorado River dry before it gets to it's
emptying point in the ocean and transport all of that
water through hundreds of miles of pipes? This might
be a good thing to look into for places like the American
west and the other dry spots of the world


Anonymous said...

Nalgene bottles are so great. I really like the new pink now available. I don't like the color pink that much but I think it's fun they made pink bottles. My fave color is teal or purple. But it's great to see all the bottles lined up in different colors. I also like the smaller bottles. I have a blue one which I bought for the plane. It's so handy to have a smaller water bottle that's not too heavy or big. And now Nalgene makes the narrow mouth bottles. I like putting stickers on my Nalgene bottles to personalize them.

Eabha the Kiwi said...

Wow, and I thought the driest place was where ever bill o'riley was talking (

Cool blog (seriously), but you should look out for those Nalgene bottles. They also make a lot of equipment used for cruel non-human animal experimentation. I used to love their bottles, now I and several other folks I know boycott the jerks!