Friday, September 23, 2005

Road Warrior I don't want to conjure up images of some
kind of Mel Gibson movie...and we are "down under",
but it's getting tougher to drive around Christchurch
these days. I'm actually pretty good at driving on the
other side of the road, so I know that's not really the
problem. We haven't had horrible weather and I'm
not really sightseeing while I'm driving, so that's not
the cause either. It just seems that drivers are
becoming...well...for lack of a better term...American.
Many times we've been cut off. Many times we've
nearly been sideswiped. I don't get it. The other day,
we heard honking behind us. It continued until we
moved to one side. I thought maybe there was an
ambulance or police car trying to get through. To
our surprise, it was just some lady in a big rush,
honking with one hand, and waving a sandwich at us
with the other! I'm not sure which hand she was using
to drive with, but she was definitely in a hurry to eat
that sandwich! I'm actually looking forward to getting
back to New Mexico, where the only major problem
on the roads are all of those cars that for some reason
didn't come with turn signals installed!

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