Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Books Books Books

Shortly after arriving in town, we got our library
cards for the Santa Fe Public Library.
http://www.santafelibrary.org/ Today was
our first official visit with our new cards.
The Santa Fe Public Library is in a beautiful
old building that used to house City Hall.
The people are friendly, it is easy to find
things and the hours are great. However...
I would like to see the State of New Mexico
to spend a bit more on their public libraries.
Santa Fe is building a nice new branch library
on the south side of town and it looks like it will
be a great place to visit. But some sections of
the Main library are lacking a bit in areas that
are important to me ... such as travel books. Many
of the books are very dated and that can make a
big difference if you're using these books to plan a
trip. My wife enjoys knitting books and found
exactly two! There are dozens of books on
weaving and beading (I know these are important
crafts in the area) but it would be nice to have
books for other peoples' interests also. I guess
I'm just spoiled. I have lived in places where the
state governments valued libraries, including
several cities where their libraries ended up on
the HAPLR Index:
So ... Come on State of New Mexico legislators...
Give libraries like Santa Fe's more money to
make a good thing even better!

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