Sunday, October 30, 2005

That's Good Eatin'!

In the mood for "comfort food", we headed to Frontier Restaurant in
They've been around Albuquerque since 1971 and have been serving
the community and the University of New Mexico area ever since.
Coming back from a day-trip, we had a taste for a steak but finances
for a sandwich, so driving down Central Avenue we were spying out
locations when all of a sudden, there we were. I had read about Frontier
back in May on the blog, Dukecityfix
They gave it good reviews, and I have to agree with them. Their menu
is huge, and it has a Dennys-esque feel to it, but much better food
and a much cooler feel.

Once you walk in the door, you realize how big the place is. It's got
about 5 big dining areas, including one called the Duke Room that
has a monstrous painting of John Wayne on one wall. The green
chile was recently voted best in Albuquerque and we'll try that next
time. What was most interesting was the diversity of the people
eating there. Couples, families, old, young, students, etc. Next
time on Central Avenue, give it a try.

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