Saturday, November 26, 2005

Agathla Peak

Agathla Peak, or El Capitan as it is also known, is a
very large volcanic plug that rises 1500 feet above
the valley floor, north of Kayenta Arizona. There are
dozens of these in the Four Corners area, the most
famous of which is Shiprock, in northwest New Mexico.
Agathla was originally a large volcano on the Colorado
Plateau but when it became dormant millions of years
ago, erosion took it's toll and all but the core
weathered away. It's visible for miles around and is
a major landmark in the Kayenta Valley.


dani said...

hey there lynn and tom...i have finally caught up with your travels now...looks like you are thoroughly enjoying your time in the cool to see where you have gone, as i did all of the same places with my mom about three summers ago....such fun...glad to hear all is well and you are enjoying your time in the states...i'll be back there soon...happy holiday season...i'll be in touch :) miss you both...

the hobo philosopherblog said...

Hi,just stumbling through and stopped on your blog. I have been to all, or most of the places you are photographing and writing about. Those are good memories to be building, Have fun!