Friday, November 11, 2005

Home Delivery

I've been receiving (or not receiving occasionally)
the Santa Fe New Mexican (the local newspaper)
for about a month now. Ok...boring stuff you say.
Yes, I am still one of the dwindling few that
enjoys reading a newspaper every day. I grew up
in a family that religiously read the paper every
day as well. At one time in my life, I would
read four different papers every Sunday, and if I
could subscribe to the Chicago Tribune on a daily
basis here in New Mexico I would. Ok, I will now
go out to get a life and maybe some therapy. For
the present though, I am having delivery problems
with the Santa Fe New Mexican. For the first ten
days of my subscription, I did not receive a paper.
Hmmm...what could be going wrong here? (Maybe I
should have accepted it as an omen) I called the
local office and in various forms of kindness,
disgust, anger and hopefullness, I spoke to
several people and eventually began receiving
my paper. We live on a secluded street (a dirt
road actually) only minutes from the Plaza, but
as is the case with many homes in this area,
they couldn't find our address. We live at an
address that begins with 229 1/2. The address
gods of Santa Fe didn't put 229 1/2 next to 229.
Why? I don't know. To confuse newspaper people
apparently. So, who got my paper for almost two
weeks? 229. To make matters worse there's also
a 229A, 229B and 229C. The New Mexican said they
were delivering it. Yes, they were...but if it
went to the wrong address...they weren't delivering
it to ME! So several weeks go by and I'm getting
my paper every day...Yahoo! Wait...there's more.
I get a phone call from my delivery person, wanting
to know how to find our house. Apparently they
have a program in place that if the delivery person
doesn't deliver your paper, their supervisor does
it for them. I've been getting it delivered by the
supervisor for the last two weeks! He explained to
me that everytime I called to complain, he had $1.50
removed from his salary...B-O-O-H-O-O. So I explain
to him where we are located and I think all is well.

This morning I received three newspapers...SIGH.


Ben O. said...

Very Interesting - nice site.

Ben O.

Anonymous said...

I think you are still in an area that gets the Vidette-Messenger.