Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Beware of Flying Irony

Our backyard borders on the left field of the Grand
Junction High School practice baseball field. While
I was taking out the trash today, I stopped and
watched them taking batting practice. After a while
one of their coaches, who is walking outside of the
fence, stops and chats with me. Apparently our yard
is ground zero for home runs over the left field fence.
This has been a problem for some time as there is a
15 foot high chain link fence in place that reportedly
stops half of the balls from sailing into our yard.
(This fence also impedes our view of the Colorado
National Monument mesas but not significantly, so I
can't really complain) Anyway, the coach is a nice
guy and we chat for about 10 minutes and he informs
me that if a batted ball breaks anything of ours,
including car windows, the athletic department will
pay for it. Sounds fair enough I say and after
another minute, he goes back to practice and I go
inside. Not ten minutes later, our landlord drops
by for a visit. While he's here, we get a knock on
the door. It's the coach. A ball has just taken
out the back window of our landlord's vehicle. Not
thrilled, but taking it in stride, our landlord
accepts the ironic information and goes on his way.
By the way...we aren't parking our vehicle by the
fence. It will take a Babe Ruth-sized home run to
hit it in it's comfortable place in the driveway.
But...I've vowed to keep all baseballs that land
in our yard. I don't know if our landlord kept the
baseball that landed in his car.

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