Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Green River

Feeling a bit bored and in a need of a
change of scenery (one can only look at
boxes of household items for so long) we
hit the road today for a very small road
trip. Our destination: Green River Utah.
Green River Utah??? you say.
Why...because we had never been there.
If you've ever been to Green River, that
is a very legitimate question. Once we
got there, we thought pretty much the
same thing. I expected a more verdant,
small town, less touristy version of
Moab. Hmmm...small town, not at all
verdant, a good selection of chain motels
and that's about it. I predicted before
we arrived that there would be a Wal-Mart.
I was wrong. The drive there was
uneventful and pretty, albeit very very
bleak and empty. A couple of cows, some
ravens and a few unidentified road kill
remains. I half expected buzzards to be
circling above us, waiting for their prey.
The good thing was, this was all close to
home....the bad thing was...this was all
close to home.


Anonymous said...

so...better or worse than Demotte?

Tom said...

Worse I'm afraid. Not even a Dairy Queen in Green River