Friday, February 24, 2006

What I Learned in Antarctica

Yesterday we noticed a stinky, sewer-gas-type
smell coming out of our laundry room. Other
than learning how to dress warmly and to
watch the ground carefully when I walk, I
learned one more thing the last four years in
Antarctica. I learned that if you have a
stinky floor drain, it probably is dried out
and needs to be dampened with a bucket of
water. Many a time did this smell come out
of the floor drains in Buildings 155 and 175
at McMurdo. Now it was happening in my own
home. And did the trick. I'm sure
my parents will be proud that I have learned
this and that my college education has not
gone for naught!

1 comment:

dani said...

hey there tom and lynn...antarctica stuff seems to come in handy no matter where you go or where you live :) today is last flight out of there...and i have to say i am happy not to be wintering...maybe some other was great to get e-mails form you both...i am following your blog when i get the chance and maybe, just maybe, i might be stopping by before i head overseas just never soon...miss your smiling faces :) dani