Monday, March 27, 2006

Have You Seen This Man?

In the last few days, the Grand Junction area
has made the international news. Apparently
a person named Robert L. Burke (pictured above)
is suspected of placing five small explosive
devices outside the homes of five former co-workers
with Serco Management Services. Serco is contracted
by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration to operate
the air traffic control center at Walker Field (Grand
Junction's Airport). Three of the small expolosives
detonated on Friday and two were dismantled before
exploding. None were huge, causing small damage,
but one actually went off six blocks west of our
house. Burke is also being sought for a February
explosion on the roof of the Serco headquarters in
Tennessee. Now the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,
Firearms and Explosives has taken over the search
for Burke. Some feel that he might be hiding in the
desert canyons between Grand Junction and Moab, Utah.
However, he had quite a head start, so he could be
almost anywhere. In the meantime, keep your eyes
open for him. For the most up to date news on the
story, check out the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel.

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