Friday, March 17, 2006

Many Happy Returns

Warning...beware of a rant ahead!

We were in Hobby Lobby today and a woman
wanted to return an item that she bought
three years ago. According to the woman,
she left it in a cabinet and forgot about
it but didn't need it. When the clerk told
her she didn't think she could take it back
because it had been so long, the customer
told her she had also been "sick for a year".
Several months ago at Wal-Mart we witnessed
a man throw a temper tantrum because he
wanted to return vitamins that were five
years old and wouldn't leave until he
received satisfaction. And then...I bought
some items at Wal-Mart on Tuesday and returned
them today and received a full refund. Hmmm....
do you think it had something to do with bringing
them back in a timely manner, being polite and a
generally decent person instead of being a jerk
to the poor person behind the counter making
less than 10 bucks an hour? Not that I have
any business making judgements of others...

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