Thursday, May 25, 2006

Main Street Bagels

It's Thursday and a Thursday morning ritual for
us is to spend a couple of hours at a little
coffee/bagel place called Main Street Bagels.
Lynn takes her knitting and I take my laptop.
We also do some people watching at the same time
while drinking good coffee and enjoying a pretty
decent bagel. Every Friday and Saturday mornings
they have live music, but it's a little too
crowded for us on those days. I guess we haven't
gotten over the crowd thing yet from spending so
many winters on the Ice. The baristas here are
really laid back and there's all sorts of customers,
from tourists, to business people, to Mesa State
College students here at any one time. A couple
weeks ago, we came in and were surprised to find
an Uncle Sam bank at the cash register. It was
"MY" Uncle Sam bank that I had sold at our garage
sale a couple days earlier. As a result, I get
to visit my "stuff" even when it's no longer my

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