Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Hamann Rain Lily

In April 1872, Frederick and Wiebke Hamann
(My Great Great Grandparents) came to America
from Nutteln, Holstein Germany. Not only did
they bring their three young sons, they also
brought along something very valuable. Was it
gold? Was it a chest of jewels? No, none of
that. If they did, our generation certainly
doesn't know anything about it. What they did
bring were Rain Lilies. I've been told that
this variety is native to Germany and that they
rode along with Frederick and Wiebke on the ship
from Hamburg. These lilies are beautiful pink
flowers that only bloom when they receive rain
water, hence the name. We had always been told
that they must be kept in a metal container to
bloom and thrive, but my sister has since proven
that wrong by successfully growing one in a
plastic tub. Since we've been gone so much
lately, she's been watching mine in Oklahoma
since 2001. In the winter they are stored in
a cool, dry place such as a basement or crawl
space and can't be allowed to freeze. They
grow from a bulb and periodically the bulbs
must be thinned out and replanted in additional
One more thing: Family members are FORBIDDEN
(or verboten I guess) to give a Rain Lily to
anyone that isn't a family member. Sorry folks,
the plant goes with us. So if you see another
Rain Lily isn't a "Hamann Rain Lily".


dani said...

hey there lynn and tom...looks like the trip you took was great!!! love the piuctures and commentary...i am in seattle at the moment...just got back from alaska...what a great trip :) will be in touch when i get back to the east coast...and asked if tom sent me pictures from my visit...the answer is no...gotta run....hope you are both soon....dani

RennyBA said...

I came to your blog from Blogflux and just wanted to say hello from Norway as we just have celebrated the Summer Solstice. There are a lot of Norwegians in the US as well you know:-)