Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Alone in the Wilderness

Tonight we went to the library and checked out
a cool DVD. Alone in the Wilderness. This is the
story of Richard Proenneke. Richard was 51 years
old when he went to Alaska and built a log cabin
by hand and then lived there for a full year, cut off
from civilization. He then spent the next 35 years
living by himself in this cabin, which is located in
Lake Clark National Park.

What makes this video amazing is Richard himself.
It's pretty remarkable how he built the cabin with
hand tools, taking almost everything he needed
from the forest, lake and mountains. He narrates
in a kind of quirky way that isn't meant to be
quirky, but comes out that way. Please try to see
it if you can. If your local library doesn't have it,
you can purchase it from the following address:


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