Monday, July 10, 2006

Lois' Place

Our favorite breakfast spot in town is Lois' Place. It's
one of those little joints that you find in a lot of small
towns where you might see a biker-dude sitting next to a
80 year old farmer sitting next to a soccer mom and they're
all talking about how bad the 4th of July Parade was.
The place is packed, but seats open regularly and there's
always a newspaper to be found. On the wall is a faded
picture of Elvis and a listing of today's Pies.
For around $2.00 you can get 1 egg, potatoes, two slices of
bacon and 2 pancakes. They've been open for 16 years and
almost everyone, including Lois, has been working there
that long. If you stay for lunch you can occasionally have
the meat loaf special or maybe a bowl of beef noodle soup.
All of this and a "What can I get you hon?" from the waitress.
What more could you ask for?

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