Thursday, July 20, 2006

Lynn's Green Chile

I may be biased...Ok, I am biased. Lynn makes the
best Green Chile around. For those of you not in the
Western U.S., it gets it's name from the type of chiles
(green) used, not the color of the chile itself. That said,
it is awesome. I cannot sing it's praises loud enough.
And I'm not just saying this because she reads my blog!

I have a small part in the making of this masterpiece
because I like to do the cutting and dicing. In this case,
the pork, jalapenos and garlic. Tomatoes and diced green
chiles also go into this aromatic mixture and it simmers
for several hours.

You can eat the green chile by itself, but we typically
stuff a tortilla with something first and pour the chile
on top of it to eat it like an enchilada. In this case, we
made pinto beans and simmered them with garlic and
a small piece of pork. When it's finished it's as good a
meal you can get at any Mexican restaurant in town.
Lynn made it for the Chile Cook-Off at McMurdo a few
years ago. It didn't win because the judges were looking
for traditional Texas-type chiles. However, all of the
Ice-folks from New Mexico and Colorado said it was
among the best they had ever had. We almost ran out
before the judging and we disappointed many that
night who wanted more.

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