Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Price of Fun?

Even while I lived on the Front Range, I had heard of the
Olathe Sweet Corn Festival, and how much fun it is. A
couple of months ago, I found out when it was and I was
very happy that Lynn would be able to attend also before
she headed South. Olathe is the sweet corn capital of
Colorado and since I haven't had more than a few ears
this year and none for the last five, I was psyched!
Then I got the bad news. Admission was $18.00...
$15.00 if you bought your ticket in advance. WHOA.
That's a lot of money...but you get all the sweet corn
you can eat and a "free" ticket to the Lonestar concert
being held on the festival grounds. Ok, say the average
person can eat 6 ears of corn at the most. At the local
Safeway, that will cost you $1.50. Second...I don't know
who Lonestar is, and I really don't care. If they want to
subsidize their concert, then tell us that, just don't charge
$18.00 to eat corn. For $18.00, I can get 72 ears of the
exact same corn, grown in Olathe. That's a lot of corn.
Needless to say, we didn't go to the festival.

On a side note, we were out driving today and saw
a couple really large fields of corn being grown just
west of Grand Junction. It was good looking corn for
Colorado standards. Not as good as Indiana corn, but
not bad. Trouble is, Colorado is a terrible state for
growing corn. It takes a lot of irrigation to grow it,
and the state just doesn't have the water. There's a
reason the early farmers were dry farmers that grew
sugar beets. They need very little water. Duh!


Anonymous said...

I remember when Eddie "I got two tickets to paradise" Money played the Olathe Sweet Corn Festival. I'll bet you would have paid $18 to see that!

Unknown said...

uh yeah...not

Michelle said...

How could you turn down the sweet corn festival? I know I'm homesick but I miss that every year there really is nothing like Olathe sweet corn. And Lonestar is a terrific band. Ah least you let me know who was playing this year. LOL

Unknown said...

I just didn't want to pay for a concert I didn't want to attend. They should have charged separately for the concert. Then I would have loved to have gone to the festival. oh well