Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Shred It

We've had a bunch of old paperwork, etc. that we've
been hauling around for a long time, so one of my
things to do before leaving for the Ice was to shred
it all. This of course, entailed buying a shredder.
With half a dozen models to choose from, ranging
from the Mini Cooper variety to the Cadillac Fleetwood
edition, the big box store made it difficult to choose.
Of course budget took conquered quality and the
Mini Cooper model won out. What I didn't realize,
since I know nothing about shredders is...the one
I bought was a PIECE OF CRAP! So off I go to the
store to exchange it since it jammed and even after
clearing it, it wouldn't run again. RIP you piece of
garbage! So, for a mere $20 extra, I walk out of
the store with the Toyota Camry version. Not
quite the best, but nothing to be ashamed of. As
a result, 5 years of gathered paperwork was shredded
in a jiffy.

While I was shredding, I couldn't help but flash on
those old World War II movies. The Russians are
coming, the Americans are coming. SHRED EVERYTHING!
Short of starting a fire in the kitchen and burning
photos of Patton, all of the documents are now
secure from the enemy and all is well. Ok...not
really, but it was kind of fun way to make a
mundane job go by a lot quicker, as well as give
my imagination a workout.


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