Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Chapel of the Resurrection

Today, while I was in Valparaiso, I drove by
the Chapel of the Resurrection. Seating 2000,
it's the largest college chapel on a university
campus in the United States. It's also where
Lynn and I got married on November 6th, 1999.
On the campus of Valparaiso, University, it's
been a major landmark in the area for over forty
years and can be seen from miles away.

You might be and Tom had
a really big wedding. No. In fact there were
27 people in attendance. Including the minister,
the singer the organist and photographers. We're
not even Lutheran, which is the denomination of
both the university and the chapel. However, we
liked the chapel, and had a connection to the
university (my parents have been supporters of
Valparaiso University's athletic department for
around forty years. They even have nameplates
on their seats in the school's gymnasium) Usually,
only students, faculty or alumni can get married
in the chapel. Since we had the entire chapel
to ourselves, we took advantage of the beautiful
altar and stained glass and had our pictures taken
there prior to the wedding. 27 people look very
small in a space for 2000.

After the pictures, we made our way down to the
Gloria Christi chapel, which is below the main
altar. It seats 175, but was much more homey
and we had a beautiful ceremony. It's always
fun to go back to the chapel. Not only is it
a great work of architecture, it also has a lot
of good memories inside.

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