Monday, September 04, 2006

A More Perfect Union

Today is Labor Day in the United States.
A day specifically set aside to honor the
workers of the country. Unfortunately, it's
my opinion that labor leaders of the country
could care less about the workers of this
nation. Don't get me wrong. Unions, like
Communism are theory. That is,
until people get their hands on them instead
of being plans on paper. There was a time
in this country when unions were a necessary
part of society and helped a good many people
better their way of life. It's been my
experience though that unions are being
destroyed by union leaders. Just a few examples:

* 17 unions, including the NEA spent $1.3 million
at various Disney Resorts for their conventions

* One hundred top union execs made at least
$280,000 annually (93% of which are male)

* NEA president Reg Weaver made $438,920 while
the average teacher makes only $47,808

* Various unions spent $1.9 million at various
casinos in Las Vegas.

These are just a few examples of how union leaders
abuse the members' dues, all in the guise of
"representing" their members. I won't even touch
the organized crime element. It's not like
people who work in union shops have an option
whether they can pay these dues. If they want
a job...they pay the dues.

Now some may say, "Well at least they're not
ripping off the public like big business execs
do". To that I say, "You're correct" Big
business execs are getting wealthy off the
little guy too. Way too wealthy! But at least
they're not lying hypocrites, saying they're looking
out for the best interest of the workers. Big
business execs may be crooks, but at least you know
what you're getting. If I have a problem with a
business or company, I won't shop there, or I
won't work for them. There are always other
options available. This is America after all.

I am a bit biased. I grew up as the son of a member
of management and I have been in a management-type
job for a good deal of my adult life. However,
it irks me to see people ripping off the people
they say they are representing...all the time
with a sneaky, dishonest smile on their face.
Eugene V. Debbs and Karl Marx would be rolling
in their graves.

Oh, and by the way, Happy Labor Day!

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