Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sis Boom Bah

Katie Couric made her debut this week on the
CBS Evening News. Among a few (Mostly those
at CBS) this was to be a triumphant return for
CBS to the top of the network news heap. Maybe
it will happen. Maybe not. If it does, it's
kind of the equivalent of winning a corn on the
cob eating contest and you're the only one with
teeth. Where's the glory in winning a television
ratings "war" when there's no one watching?
Over the years, network evening news ratings have
been sinking farther and farther into the depths.
Not that the cable networks do that much better.
How much news can one watch?

So when network news programs bring out their
best and brightest(?), people are supposed to
pay attention to this half hour of hard news.
Hard news? The biggest story of Katie Couric's
debut were first ever pictures of Tom Cruise's
baby. I don't even give the time of day to
shows like Entertainment Tonight and Xtra. Why
would I waste a half hour on yet another "tabloid"
show. So now Katie Couric is probably jumping
for joy with her hard hitting news scoop. All
about a guy who's jumping for joy on Oprah Winfrey's
(I refuse to call her one by one name) couch.
But hey, we're just those people in flyover states.
We don't know anything about the news that happens
on the coasts. I'm sure there are hundreds that
care what Cruise's baby looks like...or not. The
rest of us will get our news from a variety of
sources and not just the Evening News.

So Katie...keep up the good work. I'm sure that
your dozen viewers are sure to propel you up to
the top of evening news world. About 20 viewers
will be all it takes.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't watch Katie's debut. I've managed to avoid her for years on The Today Show. The fact that she showed what's-his-name's baby photo on the first newscast is an indication of her plans. 'Bye CBS news.