Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Flight Lunches

One of the parts of my job is organizing the
Flight Lunches. Flight Lunches are given to
anyone who gets on an airplane leaving McMurdo.
You get them on the flights leaving Christchurch
as well, but sometimes they are mysterious. In
2001, I received 4 days and 6 flights of cucumber
sandwiches. Ugh. I'd like to think that the
lunches made in the McMurdo Galley are a little
Here's the typical lineup:
* Two Sandwiches
* Cookies
* Crackers or Chips
* Juice Box
* Granola Bar
* Assorted Condiments

For each flight, we order a lunch for every passenger.
Vegetarians aren't left out. They typically get
peanut butter. We also order a couple extra in case
someone gets added to the flight or the numbers get
mixed up.

We have to dump the sandwich section of the meal
if a flight doesn't leave within two days. As a
result, the cargo loaders eat well since they're
perfectly good and have been refrigerated, but
have to be discarded nonetheless. However, since
there are other tasty morsels in the bags (usually
the cookies and juice boxes...especially the tropical
fruit variety...are most popular), they're very
tempting for some to pilfer. Hence the sign I find
humorous every time I read it. So far the sign has
done it's job. It's hard to eat when you're laughing.

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