Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Garden City

Christchurch is known as the Garden City. On days
like today it is easy to see why. As ugly and miserable
as it was when we arrived on Tuesday, it was as pretty
a day today. Nary a cloud in the sky. Cool, but not
too cool and everything looked crystal clear. I took
a long walk in the Botanic Gardens and just plain soaked
up the flowers, sounds and sights of the birds, hugged
a few trees (literally) and took lots of deep breaths.
The lilacs are also in bloom and I tried to mentally
lock the fragrance into my mind as it won't be back for
some time.

Earlier in the day I was sent on a shopping mission for
more Tasty Cheese (See yesterday's blog), Arnott's crackers
and a delicious concoction called Three Wishes, made by
Cadbury. It's a mixture of Milk, Dark and White chocolate
all in one. Cadbury here is not the same as Cadbury in the
States. Unfortunately in the US, Cadbury is made by Hershey's.
If you've ever had a Hershey's bar you'd know why it can't
compare to Cadbury in New Zealand. It must be the milk or the
dairy, or just the cooking process in general because Cadbury
Chocolate in New Zealand is awesome!

I've also been on a quest for stickers. Not just any stickers,
but Buzzy Bee Stickers. Buzzy Bee was originally a popular
pull toy here in NZ and now has become something of a national
icon. I don't believe it will every be on the flipside of the
coin, with the Queen on the other side, but I did read that it
is soon getting its own stamp. Anyway, I've been searching at
every touristy gift shop in town looking for Buzzy Bee stickers.
(They're one of Lynn's favorites) I did find some larger sized
ones which I bought, but unfortunately couldn't find the small
ones. Going to the website, I did find
they sell the small ones. I may have to order some to be shipped

On a sad note, an acquaintance of ours named Bronwyn has closed
her flower shop, "Petals" on Colombo Street. I went by there
to say hi and she and her shop were gone. We met her the year
I came off the Ice with an injury and she was very gracious and
pleasant to us. I hope that we will catch up with her
whereabouts someday.

Another thing that this town does well is food. All kinds of
food (well...not Mexican or Pizza...another time, another story)
However, you can't beat the Asian restaurants and take-aways in
Christchurch. My friend, Shawn brought be some Sushi today that
was out of this world. Eight tuna rolls for a whopping $6.00NZ
I enjoyed every bite!

I finished my day by hanging out on the Cathedral Square drinking
a cup of Starbucks. Yes, I know...Starbucks is evil, but I feel
bad sitting in their chairs if I don't buy something. So I sat,
soaked up the sun, watched the people, listened to the birds, and
generally relaxed. My last full day in Christchurch will be
memorable for some time.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry...For Tomorrow We Fly

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