Sunday, October 29, 2006

Happy Halloween...early

I know Halloween isn't for a few days. Even
with the time difference, it doesn't happen
here for a few days either. On the Ice though,
holidays are a interesting subject. Very rarely
is any holiday actually celebrated on the day it
appears on the calendar. Unless of course, it
happens on a Sunday. Since we work six day weeks,
holidays are usually celebrated on a Saturday
night. Halloween is no different. The annual
Halloween party at the big gym was last night.
Kind of like New Year's in the States, it's a night
the amateur partiers (or FNG's) go out and have
a good time. Don't get me wrong, our first summer
we went...even dressed up. Now it seems except
for just a few die hards, most returnees make a
quick trip through to see the costumes and leave.
Our friend, Matt, was working at the Coffee House
last night and invited everyone he knew to come
visit him instead of fighting the crowds. I think
it also helped his tips too... :) As for the other
holidays during the year, I've spent every one of
the major Hallmark Holidays here and I can only think
of a few that seemed festive. Most are a couple
days before or after the event and then, when the
actually holiday occurs, it seems like a letdown.
Oh well...part of being on the Ice I suppose.

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