Tuesday, November 28, 2006

ASRs at Scott Base

Last night I had a nice treat for this
time of year. The Air Services Reps (Me
and my 4 co-workers) got to have dinner at
Scott Base (the nearby Kiwi base). It's
always good to get away from the crowds at
McMurdo and hang out there. Compared to
the 1000+ population at McMurdo, Scott Base
has a relatively small population of 90 or so
during the summer. We had a great dinner of
roast chicken, green beans and scalloped

Before we had dinner, we got a tour of the
Hillary Field Center, named after Sir Edmund
Hillary of Antarctic and Mount Everest fame.
The Kiwis wer building this section of their
base during my last winter here in 2005 so it
was nice to see how it looked as a finished
product. Sir Ed will be here in January to
help Scott Base celebrate it's 50th anniversary
so maybe I'll get to meet him. In the meantime
I saw something that greatly disturbed me. I
saw the freezer room that holds all of the ice
cream for Scott Base. We don't get real ice
cream at McMurdo (not sure why) but Scott Base
has shelves and shelves of it. YUM...and NZ
ice cream is the best I've ever had.

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