Saturday, November 11, 2006


One convenience of being at McMurdo in summer is
that there are lots of Euchre players around. For
those uninitiated to it, Euchre is a trick-taking
card game played by four people (two teams) with
a deck of 24 standard playing cards. Although
Euchre players can be found throughout the country,
it's predominantly played by people from Indiana,
Michigan, Ohio and people that have served in the
Navy. I went to the Coffee House after work this
morning because my co-worker Michelle was tending
bar. Shortly after I got there, other co-workers
Susie and Kelly arrived and along with Kelly's friend
Toby, we started a game. Susie was my partner and
she just started learning. Another night worker,
Lance, from Ohio, helped Susie and as a result, we
kicked butt in the first game. In the second, it
was a different story. Ugh. Bedtime called and it
was the end of Euchre for the day but it was a nice
change of pace to play my favorite card game again.

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