Friday, December 08, 2006


This time of year, Lynn and I are both missing
New Mexico. We really enjoy the Christmas
season in the Southwest. Unfortunately, we're
over 9,000 miles from Santa Fe this year so I
brought the next best thing. Luminarias...or as
some call them, farolitos. Luminarias are small
paper bags that have lit candles in them and
thousands of them are placed in public squares
and neighborhoods throughout the Southwest on
Christmas Eve. The legend tells that they were
used to mark the way for the Nativity. The
version I brought down aren't the candle variety,
but rather the electric kind. I don't think
Station Management would be very happy if I burned
the building down...even if it was to light the
way for the Nativity! However, Building 140 now
has two sets of at my work area
and one in Lynn's. They'll help us miss the
Southwest a little less since we have a piece of
it here with us.


Michelle said...

That is one thing I've missed seeing too while in NZ. After being here for 8 years though Christmas is what it is, sunny and without all the glizty lights. Thanks for making me remember something I always loved growing up.

Deb said...

Your office is so festive! I really love the lights.