Sunday, December 10, 2006

Our Lady of Guadalupe

It isn't for a couple of days yet, but today
Lynn and I celebrated the Feast of Our Lady
of Guadalupe with our friends David and Tina
at Hut 10. Us and about a 100 other people
crowded into the small building where we helped
make homemade tamales, frijoles, chicos, and
green chile...all followed up with sopapillas for
desert. YUM YUM YUM. David and Tina are from
Northern New Mexico and their fantastic cooking
was just what we needed to cure our Southwest
needs. For those of you who aren't familiar
with Our Lady of Guadalupe, she is the patron
saint of the Americas and is very important in
the Latin American community. It's also Lynn's
birthday, so it's more special to us than to
many other Anglos. Immediately after going
home after the food fiesta, I fell immediately
asleep and dreamed of more tamales and green

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