Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Oden at the Ice Pier

The Oden has been docked at the Ice Pier
for a few days now. It's fun to see the
crew and definitely not hard to see them.
They all have navy blue jackets with this
very bright yellow stripe across their
chests. They're all very friendly too.
The crew are all Swedes but from what I
can tell, they all speak good English.
It's a pretty cool looking boat and from
what I hear, 1000% better than the Krasin
which was here last year. The Krasin was
a Russian icebreaker and someone said that
it looked like it was rescued from a salvage
yard. The Oden is all spit and polish and
ready to break up ice in the channel


Jude said...

That's such a pretty photograph.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting pictures of the icebreakers. The little boys in my class love it!!!!!!! Tell your lovely wife hello!

Amie Dziowgo