Thursday, March 08, 2007

Lemon & Paeroa

We went to Scott Base last night and as soon as
I get some really cool photos back from Glenn, the
Base Manager, I'll post them and talk about it later.
While we were there though, I got my hands on a
Lemon & Paeroa (L&P). I love L&P! It's only available
in New Zealand (although their motto is "World Famous
in New Zealand"). It's kind of a lemony soda-ish soda
pop. A not so sweet and obnoxious "Mountain Dew".
Anyway, I drink the sugar-free version in New Zealand
and I know that Scott Base usually has some lying
around. We were in their "new" bar and I asked if
I could have one. Unfortunately there was none to
be found, so Lynn and I had to settle for Diet Pepsi...
ugh. We went for a walk around the base and when we
came back, the Kiwi tending bar, held up a can,
gave it to me and said he had found some. No charge,
no worries. He even gave my American tastes a glass
of ice (not really a Kiwi habit, ice in glasses).
I of course was thrilled and savored every drop. Ok,
I shared a sip with Lynn, but only a sip. This L&P
was hard earned and it was mine!


Jude said...

I love the thought of "a not so sweet and obnoxious 'Mountain Dew'" especially since I really overdid Mountain Dew consumption during the last week. I love it when you blog about stuff like this which I would otherwise never have heard of. We're having a typical March in Colorado--in like a lion, in the 50s today, rain, snow, fog, and lots of wind--depending on which minute you look out the window. :)

Michelle said...

I do LOVE reading your blog Tom! I don't often get to comment due to being so busy with the kids etc...but I've learned so much about Antartica that I didn't know.

L&P is nice, when I first had it nearly 9 years it was a nice tingling on the taste buds. Don't know if they have any on the ice but they now have new "dry" version of L&P too! And after 9 years, they still laugh at me for having ice with my "fizzy" drinks too. :-)