Friday, March 23, 2007

Scott Base Construction

Scott Base is in the middle of a construction project.
Not near as huge as the Hilary Field Centre that was
built a couple of years ago but in many ways, much more
disruptive. They're completely remodeling their kitchen,
dining area and bar. This is a very big deal because the
Kiwis love their bar! In the meantime, they're cooking
in the Field Centre, eating in a big tent inside the
Centre and their bar is set up in the classroom. In the
meantime, it's pretty disruptive as the whole dining area
is gutted and down to plywood, steel and glass. They
finished the exterior before winter started (see photo above)
but all of the interior work remains.

Glenn sent me over these photos and one of the nicest additions
to the new galley are really large windows. They wanted to
make the whole wall glass, but had to make each window small
enough that the largest sized plywood available in NZ would
fit over the hole if one was blown out. Those Kiwis are
always so practical! There's even going to be a fireplace
(gas of course) in the new bar. It's funny to think how
hard it would be to have a wood fireplace here. They hope to
have the entire facility completed before WINFLY so that they
can have a grand opening while we are all here.

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