Sunday, April 08, 2007


It's only fitting that this photo is in black and
white because that's the way I first saw black
and white. Today in the States is the 33rd anniversary
of Henry Aaron's 715th home run. The home run that placed
him in front of Babe Ruth on the all time home run list.
He eventually would hit 755 home runs during his career
and will sadly be passed in the near future by a cheater
who takes steroids...but that's another story.

On April 8th, 1974 the setting: Atlanta Fulton County
Stadium...the Braves playing the Dodgers...nationally
televised...Al Downing on the mound for L.A. Downing's
fastball headed straight down the middle...Aaron puts
it just over the wall beyond a climbing Bill Buckner.
Pandemonium ensues...not just in Atlanta, but in our
house as well. You see, my family has always been a
baseball-bonkers family. Cubs fans forever. Although
this wasn't a Cubs game, it was pretty darn important
in our house. Only one problem that April day in 1974.
My Mom (also a baseball fan) was hosting her homemaker's
club at our house that evening. Of all evenings, the
South County Belles had to meet at OUR house. Now this
is not a fun least to a 9 year old like me.
They sang "June is Busting Out All Over" at a meeting
I remember. How much fun is that? As a result of the
meeting, My Dad, brother and I were relegated upstairs
to watch "The Game" on the small black and white tv
upstairs. Aarrggh. We're patiently watching the game
when Aaron hits it...out it goes...history is made.
My Dad..."HE HIT IT...HE HIT IT...HE HIT IT". Of course
now he's running down the stairs, followed by my brother
and me and immediately turns on the TV in the living room,
where my Mom and her Homemaker group are holding their
fun-fest. Of course my Dad wanted to see it all in color.
At least the replay. So a dozen women discussing napkin
folding or floral arranging or something "interesting"
like that versus the most momentous sporting event of the
20th century. Of course my Mom was not too thrilled as
daggers left her eyes aimed at my Dad's head. However,
as a result, I always remember April 8th. I actually
frightened people yesterday at brunch when I told them
what happened exactly 33 years ago this date. They told
me to get a life. Hey, but they weren't there...when

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