Wednesday, May 23, 2007

In The Mind's Eye

I think that I take pretty good photos. Especially during
the day. However, during the night, the equipment you use
really can make or break your ability to take those one of a
kind shots. Last night I posted some "decent" shots of the
auroras we saw. Today, our friend and aurora photographer
extraordinaire, Antz posted the photos he took of the same
auroras from his vantage point at Scott Base where he was
having dinner.

Antz didn't retouch these photos or fix them in Photoshop. This
is how the auroras actually looked. This is what we saw. Notice
the sheets of light and the swirling colors. At times like this I
sigh and wish I had better equipment, but then I think of all the
money he has tied into his hobby (quickly becoming his profession)
and that this is what he does for his living. Antz is super-talented
and has even received a grant from the NSF to come back this summer
to work with his time lapse photography. Even before last night, I
decided that this year I would spend less time trying to take that
"perfect" photo and spend more time enjoying the scene and the scenery.
Sometimes the photos in one's memory are the most vivid.


Jude said...

Those are truly beautiful photographs. But they can't beat those photos of Icestock or the popcorn machine, which live on vividly in my memory. :)

Tom said...

Yes, the popcorn machine is truly a sight to behold!