Wednesday, May 02, 2007

La Luna

How the Southern Hemisphere sees the Moon

How the Northern Hemisphere sees the Moon

Even after five winters, I still find myself tilting my head,
trying to figure it out, but the Moon is upside down here.
Well, it's really not upside down. It's just being seen
from a completely opposite vantage point. The Southern
Hemisphere. Edward of SOPP took a pretty sharp photo of
the Moon the other day and it really does a good job of
showing all the features. Except that they're in the wrong
place. Our friend Glenn says that instead of the Man in the
Moon, it looks like the Mouse in the Moon. Anyway, the Moon
has been really clear and bright the last few days and
makes for some good "stop and stare" time.

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Anonymous said...

This was perfect timing!!! I am doing the solar system with my little munchkins. Thanks Tom!!!! Hope the winter is treating you and Lynn well.