Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Forecasting The Weather

You would think that the weather would be pretty interesting
in McMurdo. If you listen to all of the usual sources, it's
the coldest, highest, driest..blah blah blah. It is all that,
but for the most part, it's always that way. It never really
changes. Sure, it gets cold, windy and occasionally snowy,
but it's that way all the time. As a result, weather
forecasting here can be a challenge. Not always a challenge
to forecast it correctly...they've got that part down. It's
a challenge to keep it interesting.

Weather Forecasting here is handled by a company called SOPP,
which stands for SPAWAR Office of Polar Programs. Al is the
Forecaster and Ed is the Weather Observer. Jeff and Bruce are
the Equipment Maintenace Technicians.

Sometimes it gets a little slow for these guys. I mean
really...how challenging can it be to forecast Dark, Cold and
Windy, followed by a 100% chance of Dark, Cold and Windy. All
kidding aside, they do a great job though and sometimes have some
fun at the same time. We're confident that they'll get us the
right info exactly when we need it. After all, is is the coldest,
highest, driest, etc. etc.

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