Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Buy Some Ziplocks People

"In just three years, sales of 100-calorie
packs of crackers, chips, cookies and candy
have passed the $20-million-a-year mark, making
them a breakout hit..." What!!! American
consumers have hit a new low on the intelligence
scale. The snack food companies are putting
less product in a bag, charging more for it,
and calling it the best thing in the world
because they care for our health. BS. They
just want our money. Plus, when surveyed,
most people will admit that they eat more
than one of these stupid little bags anyway.
This reminds me of the fashion trend of making
women's clothing three sizes too small, calling
it fashion so more can be charged, yet using
less material so it costs them less to produce.

Wake up people!

You can buy a normal sized box of snacks,
toss a few in a plastic bag and have a 100 calorie
pack. But no. The public has to be a group of
lemmings, dutifully marching off the cliff. Again,
I wish I had some swampland in Florida or a bridge
in Brooklyn that I could sell these people.


Unknown said...

Hey man -- let's not forget the idiocy of taking the same bag of chips, changing the servings per bag to read "4" as opposed to "1" and then re-marketing it as "low-calorie."

Just try to convince me that the average human is intelligent. I'll argue that intelligence is an uncommon thing.

Unknown said...

Sad, but true.