Saturday, July 07, 2007

Happy 6th of July

Following the longstanding McMurdo holiday tradition
of never celebrating the holiday on the actual day
of the holiday, we held our 4th of July party at the
VMF on Friday after work. It's the last big party of
the winter and once it comes, you know that WINFLY is
just around the corner. Carrie, Nathan and Sandwich
came in their holiday best, but for the most part it's
a very casual affair where people play carnival games,
eat barbeque and hang out while listening to music.

My NSF boss, Bill, wore an outfit covered in Alka Seltzer
and sat in the dunk tank ala David Letterman and managed
to get most of the crowd watch him make bubbles in the
water...or was it from the Chili in the Chili Cook Off?

Later in the evening, Jay Bird played the National Anthem
ala Jimi Hendrix on the guitar and everyone felt slightly
nostalgic and patriotic at the same time. We held an
auction, had prize giveaways and everyone had a great time.

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