Friday, July 27, 2007

Wider Than a Mile

Lynn and I just got back from Hut 10 where we attended
the last Carrie-Oke of the season. Or Karaoke as it's
called pretty much everywhere else in the world. I had
it in the back of my mind that I might actually sing
tonight since Nathan got me to sing part of "Hey Jude"
at the Wine Tasting. Mostly because I was one of the
only ones in the room that knew the words, not because
of my singing ability. I knew the vast warehouse of
useless information in my head would get me in trouble
some day. I was just sitting, minding my own business,
enjoying everyone else singing when Sandwich drug me up
to the mike to "help" sing "If I Had a Hammer", which
seems to be a bit of a theme song here this year. It
turned out that I was doing the singing because she left
the microphone and it was all me. Again, because I knew
the words. I fumbled the few verses but got my singing
wind and in about a half hour, I was up singing "Hello
Goodbye" by the Beatles. My favorite Beatles song. Ok,
now I felt least as comfortable as
anyone in the room was, awkwardly singing random odd
songs. On the list of songs was "Moon River". Now Moon
River is possibly my favorite song of all time. It's
by Henry Mancini and was featured in one of my favorite
movies, "Breakfast at Tiffany's" starring Audrey Hepburn
and George Peppard. Yes, I am a dork. Surprise!

"Moon River" was probably made most famous though by Andy
Williams. My parents have this album (see photo above)
and I probably listened to it at a very early age, hence
my attachment to it. So I felt really comfortable singing
it in my best "Lounge Act" style and I can't say I brought
down the house since there were only 14 people there, but
I did get a rousing cheer. Or maybe they felt sorry for me.
I'd like to think the former instead of the latter. The
true stars of the night though were Sandwich with her many
renditions of 80's tunes and the soulful sounds of Martin.
He definitely has some serious pipes. So thank you Carrie
for hosting Carrie-Oke tonight and showing Lynn and I a
good time. Our smiles are definitely wider than a mile...


Anonymous said...

hahaha. If I only had a hammer cracked me up.


Anonymous said...

Tom. You rock! Your voice even did that vibrato thing when you sang Moon River. I love you! Who knew that Hom Tamann was a world class Carrie-oke singer!! You are singing with the BEST: Martin and Sandwich and you are my hero!


Unknown said...

Awe shucks...

Anonymous said...

Dragged not drug........
Oh ATM machine.....
Big Al for Tyres...