Monday, August 27, 2007

GoPicnic oxymoron if I ever heard one. What is
GoPicnic? They're a box meal that we now get both
northbound and southbound when going to and from
Christchurch on the C-17. For years, we had flight
lunches. Southbound they were put together by a
catering company in Christchurch and usually were
pretty good (except in 2001 when we had 4 straight
days of cucumber sandwiches during 6 flight attempts...
but that's another story). On the flights to CHC,
flight lunches were made by the Galley Dining Attendants
and were usually pretty good. I had to deal with flight
lunches a lot last year in my old job and going back
and forth to the Galley at 4:00am to pick up these
meals wasn't my idea of a good time, but at least the
pax getting onto the planes got a decent meal.

Enter GoPicnic. Someone had the idea that money
could be saved if we ordered thousands of these things
and gave them to pax. What they didn't really take
into account unfortunately was that these are really
pretty awful. It's not a horrible product, and I
really can't describe it, but they're just not very
good. I gave someone one the other day as they were
transporting and they thought I was giving them a
box of kleenex. Another person thought it was a box
of Girl Scout Cookies...if only it were so. Plus,
I've seen three different varieties...a Breakfast
version...ugh...A Deli Version and a TexMex Version.
I question the sanity of a TexMex Version. Do you
really want the chance of that much methane being
let loose in the controlled confines of a C-17?

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