Saturday, August 25, 2007

Here Comes The Sun...

...there go our friends. Tad, Angie, Jaybird, Jon,
Bill, Shelly, Diamond and Atlas all left today. Lynn
drove a large group of Kiwis out to Pegasus to get on
the last plane out for just over five weeks. While
there, she watched our McMurdo friends get on the plane
and off to warmer climates. She also got to see the
Sun for the first time in months and was "blinded by
the light". I have yet to see the Sun, even though it's
been above the horizon for almost a week now. It usually
takes about ten days before it becomes visible here in
town. We're sad to see our friends go. In 39 days we
will be joining them on our own trip north, out of the
cold. In the meantime, our old friend, the Sun, has


Anonymous said...

Looks Cold!

Have a great day!

Lori Murray said...

Yay Sunshine !

Unknown said...

However the sun's been up for two weeks now and I still haven't seen it :(

Anonymous said...


That is such an awesome picture. It says so much to me.

I'm coming down 2nd Flight (probably) Mainbody, will you still be there?