Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Orange, Green, White, Black

A riot of colors greeted us last night in
the skies above. Colors not often seen here.
Visible last night on every continent except
Europe and Africa, a total eclipse of the moon
gave us quite a show here on the Ice. Lynn
and I saw a total lunar eclipse a few winters
ago here but this one was in the evening hours
instead of mid-morning. And what an eclipse
it was. A huge orange disc hovering over
Arrival Heights. To top it off, there was
even a really large Aurora display at the
same time. I didn't get any photos of the
event, but Susie's brother Tim, who is working
on the Ice Cube project at the Pole, sent us a
really cool photo montage by fellow Polie, Robert
Schwarz. It pretty much sums everything up.
In a few weeks, it will be hard to see even stars
in the wee hours of the morning as the nights get
shorter and the days much longer. But for now, it
all came together. The astronomical gods were
smiling on us.

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