Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Wrong Side of Town

As of Wednesday, my "commute" got twice as long. I now
have a 5 minute walk instead of a 2-3 minute walk to work.
I'm back at the Chalet, or "The Crack House" as I sometimes
call it with my friends. Why call it this? This side of
McMurdo is known as the ghetto or projects because of the
relative perceived "dumpiness" of the two dorms over here;
Hotel California and MMI. So since everyone who visits us in
the Chalet needs a "fix" of some kind...I call it the "Crack
House".'s still kind of a cool building (sorry,
no real Crack here thankfully) and there's only four of us
in residence at this time. Me, Christina (the NSF Admin),
Terry, the NSF Station Manager and my boss, David, who is
the RPSC Site Manager.

This place is certainly a lot more cozy than my "office" in
Building 165 that I occupied all winter. It's a barn to heat
though so it's closed down from February-August. That's my
desk in the back of the room, outside David's office.

And this is pretty much my view all day...or at least for the
next 4+ weeks. I've got a cool window to my left that I'll
show a view of once the weather clears (really gray today).
So that's it in a nutshell. The Chalet, the "Crack House",
the NSF Headquarters...whatever you want to call it. It's
where I'll be spending 54+ hours a week.

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