Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Polar Express

The last few nights it's sounded like there are
trains running off in the distance. Of course this
is impossible since there aren't any trains here on
the Ice. (However we saw a train in Rarotonga on a
1/4 mile of track in the middle of the jungle...go
figure) Our window overlooks the new Ice Runway and
there are dozers and loaders working out there all
night on the Midnight shift and for some reason it
sounds like trains to me. I really enjoyed going to
sleep in Grand Junction during the summer and hearing
the Union Pacific trains about a mile south of our
house at all hours. It reminded me of staying at my
Grandma and Grandpa's house in Boone Grove, Indiana
when I was young, and hearing the trains that were
a block from their house. My Mom tells a story of
when she was very young, Hobos would walk between
the tracks near Boone Grove and past their house,
to the next tracks about a mile away. One time,
this very mysterious, dark stranger walked up to
the door and asked for a meal. My Grandma, of
course was a soft touch fed him. But my mom was
sure it was the Boogey Man and she had been
misbehaving so the Boogey Man was coming to get
her. I don't think I'll see any Hobos down here
(although we sometimes dress like them) but the
Boogey Man is always a possibility.

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