Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Draggin' Those Bags

I got lots of experience last summer as an Air Services
Rep. conducting Bag Drags. Bag Drag is the one time of
everyone's season that is the lofty peak. It's what
everyone aims for and is the equivalent of Shangri-La.

(Although the past few days Tenzing Norgay comes to mind.
I have hauled a lot of stuff. Lynn is my Edmund Hillary)

It means you are leaving. You are leaving the continent.
You are going to be on a plane in 24 hours. Leaving the
land of snow and ice. To warmer climates and a land of
choices. We are 140 pounds lighter (that's how much
baggage we are allowed). Today was my Bag Drag. It
feels good to bag drag. You are unique among McMurdo-ites.
You feel accomplished. Another season completed.

Tomorrow we fly.

We leave The Rock.

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Anonymous said...

Take me with you, please!!!