Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Thinking about Paris

Paris is one of those places that you say, "Hey, I've
seen that somewhere before!" Today we went to a few
of those places. Not too far from our hotel is the
Musee Rodin which hosts the work of famous sculptor,
Auguste Rodin. The obligatory work and predictable
centerpiece of the museum is "The Thinker".

What I like best about the Musee Rodin though is that the
bulk of the museum grounds are in a garden setting. Kind
of a quiet oasis in the middle of the city. Since it's
fairly large, one can find space to be contemplative and
enjoy his works.

Even the "Gates of Hell" need maintenance once in a while!

The Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Élysées have seen almost
everything. From conquering armies and triumphant peacemakers,
to racing bicyclists and camera-toting tourists. For us, it saw
a nice, but chilly picnic lunch. Can't get enough of the Fromage!

This carving on the side of the Arc de Triomphe is fascinating to
me. It makes me think of the French Revolution (Which it's supposed
to do) but it also reminds me of some of the tour guides leading their
confused followers around Europe!

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Anonymous said...

Substitute an umbrella for the sword and I think I've used that guide before!