Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ready for the Apocalypse

After living for many months in a small room with a
"dorm-sized" refrigerator and meals served in a central
galley, viewing the food cache at my parent's house is
almost staggering. I know this is pretty typical of most
American households, so I'm not just picking on my parents.
This collection of food includes two full freezers of frozen
items, a separate refrigerator for soda pop and juice, a
kitchen refrigerator/freezer with day to day items, and
multiple cabinets of canned and boxed goods. This collection
of foodstuffs includes over a dozen bags of chocolate
chips (my Mom likes to bake and cook). I say my Mom likes
to bake and cook because mysteriously, when it's my Dad's
turn to cook, they usually eat out!

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