Sunday, December 23, 2007

B-o-o H-o-o

I'm not a huge pro footabll fan, but if I'm going
to watch pro football, I'll be watching the Bears.
They just spanked the Packers for the second time
this season, by a score of 35-7. As testimony to
Brett Favre's ego, he was still playing on the last
play of the game even though they were behind by
four touchdowns and they have the postseason coming
up. You can't tell at all that I don't like Brett
Favre and the Packers in general. (insert sarcasm
here) As part of a long, tradition, disliking the
Packers is kind of like disliking the St. Louis
Cardinals. It's very easy to do. Speaking of St.
Louis, Bears fans were "treated" to the melodious
sounds of Joe Buck in the booth again today. Say-
ing anything good about a Chicago team is like
kryptonite to this jerk. Whoops...was that in my
out loud voice?

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Anonymous said...

I suppose the Packers will have to console themselves with the thought of playing in the playoffs. Merry Christmas Tom and Lynn.